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Stop Palm Oil in Biodiesel Now


Tell the European Commission that forests and wildlife are more important than diesel!

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No Palm Oil in my Tank

The expansion of palm oil plantations and other food crops to produce fake 'green' fuels (such as bio-diesel) is destroying some of the planet’s remaining rainforests and our most precious wildlife.




On February 8th the European Commission has published the new rules that should stop palm oil and other food crops that cause deforestation from ending up in our tanks. The rules go in the right direction but they're far too weak.

We have now until March 8th to let the Commission know that: 1) in their current version, the new rules are unacceptable and 2) what changes need doing.

Our experts have analysed the new rules and summarised their flaws in a short message that you can read here. If you’re happy with our suggestions you can participate to the public consultation simply by clicking on ACT NOW. If you wish you can edit your submission in the text box.



It takes less than 60 seconds to save a forest and its inhabitants.




#NotInMyTank is an international campaign against fake 'green' biofuels run by some of the largest environmental organisations in Europe: DUH and Nabu in Germany, Ecologistas en Acciòn in Spain, Friends of the Earth and Canopée in France, Legambiente in Italy, Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands, ZERO in Portugal, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, NOAH in Denmark, T&E CNCDCETRIFian and 11.11.11 in Belgium and campaign platforms SumOfUsWeMove.eu and Germany's change.org


The campaign's petition has obtained the support of more than 650,000 people in the past few months.